Law Offices of Maury Mills

Attorney Biography: Maury Mills


Legal experience:


I am a sole practitioner with a emphasis on employment, labor and family law.   I moved my office several years ago from a business suite to my home which has reduced my overhead and allowed me to substantially reduce the hourly rate I charge.


I am a graduate of the Ventura College of Law (1989)and have been a member of the State Bar of California since 1989, the United States District Court for the Central District of California since 1999 and I was admitted to the Ninth Circuit of Appeals in 2007.


My experience includes cases in Federal and California Superior Courts and arguing and presenting cases before federal and state appellate courts, including the California Supreme Court.


I have lectured on employment law issues before the California Applicants’ Attorneys Association and Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor’s organizations.



Personal information:


I am married to my wife Mary, the love of my life, retired as a chef at a private school.  I am the father of two children, Laura, a UCLA graduate working in Los Angeles for a non-profit organization helping students and Darren, who is living with Mary and I.


My interests include bicycling, golf, cooking and wine collecting.  I am also a avid sports car enthusiast, having raced Sports Car Club of America amateur races in the 1970's. 


Before beginning the practice of law, I owned and operated a camera business and photo lab in Santa Barbara, California and have an understanding of the cares and concerns of everyday working people and their families.

I view the practice of law as a way to help people, and I take my role as a fiduciary seriously, always putting the needs of my clients first.  I practice law to help people, not to make money.